To feel stronger, more efficient, and to experience the capacity for vibrancy throughout your whole being.


Private lessons:

By viewing the body as a web in which all parts have a connection to and impact on one another, we use the yoga practice to become fully aware of our own unique structure and breath. Working with the breath as a lantern, we shed light on areas that are disconnected and create a yoga practice specific to integrating the body back to a state of neutral. We work together to move into the vulnerable space of injury and imbalance with curiosity and compassion, so that transformation can begin. From neutral we evolve the practice into postures and movements that flow from sidebending, to twisting, to extending, to folding, and spiraling off a more connected center. Through our one on one yoga sessions, we will explore yoga not only as the union of "body, mind, spirit" but as the yoking and healing of all parts of our tensile web. 


Corporate classes:

Through mindful, grounded movement, and awareness of breath, these yoga sessions will be created with the intention to improve the stresses that the workplace puts on the body, breath, and mind. Sessions aim to create space for employees to gain more productivity and clarity not only in their bodies, but also in the office.

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