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A special online, on-demand subscription based yoga collective

created by:

Miles Borerro, Kevin Bigger & Giulia Pline, featuring special guests.

  • Hundreds of hours worth of content with new material uploaded MONTHLY

  • Sweaty, creative, intelligent & modern vinyasa classes

  • Self myofascial release

  • Resistance band classes

  • Restorative and gentle practices

  • Drills & skill builders

  • Pranayama, chanting & philosophy discussions

All available on-demand for an affordable monthly/yearly price.


Out in the vast world of yoga, yoga teachers and NYC, the stars aligned and ultimately connected Kevin Bigger, Miles Borrero, Giulia Pline.

Quickly we became students and teachers of one another, sharing a love of intelligent, thoughtful, creative and rooted yoga and movement practices.


Single Point Yoga is our online subscription based recorded studio experience that houses our shared skills, passions and dedications to yoga & movement offerings that includes but is not restricted to: rolling on balls, moving with resistance bands, yoga with soup cans, sliding on socks and blankets, restoring on pillows and cushions, sweating with creative vinyasa, chanting, pranayama and everything in between.


We have brought in special guest teachers and friends to share their teachings and passion for movement with us and for our community of online practitioners.

Single Point: (noun)

sin-gle point

: a distinguishing detail

: the most important essential in a discussion or matter

: a particular place; an exact moment


“Through the calculations begun by Edwin P. Hubble on the galaxies' velocity of recession, we can establish the moment when all the universe's matter was concentrated in a single point, before it began to expand in space.”


The world at large and the practice of yoga is immense and varied, complicated and beautiful and like all who step onto their mat, this work contains multitudes.  It is for this very reason that we created this online collective, this Single Point.  Driven by a passion for learning, teaching, practice and exploration, we desired one place to go for whatever was needed.  


We’re excited to have you join us as we create this online collective of yoga teachers and movement practices, designed to explore the entire gamut of yoga and yoga adjacent work.  At the Single Point you’ll find everything from pranayama to practical strength building yoga classes, flow classes to functional movement drills, and everything in between.  

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