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Physiyoga Resistance Band Training

Science Backed Yoga + Mindful Movement Meets



Are you ready to help yourself and/or the clients, students, or patients that you teach and treat create more healthful, expansive, connected, graceful, and embodied movement?


Resistance bands are powerful, portable, scalable, and potent tools that can help you and those you work with move more efficiently and embody movement differently.


This training is designed to help you bridge the gap between the science behind what makes resistance bands such invaluable tools, & your creativity.


You will learn how to purposefully, intelligently, and confidently use bands to build strength, harness stability with mobility, alleviate aches and pains, work with hypermobility, and spark new insight and make changes in the way you, and those you work with, move and feel.

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The story behind the bands...

In 2017 I had a severe skiing accident where I fractured my upper arm, collarbone, 6 ribs and sustained a punctured lung and lacerated liver. I was not only in pain, but had no sense of connection to my upper body or breath. I lacked stability, mobility, strength, proprioceptive awareness and any grace or power that once was, went out the window. I developed movement compensations around the pain that bled into other parts of my body and felt so broken.


I started working with resistance bands during my physical therapy rehabilitation sessions and explored how I could use them to help bring the fragmented pieces of myself back together in a holistic way. 


Bands for me were not just a prop to pull and push against, but were a powerful tool for healing.


My experience during this time bloomed into a greater purpose to share the wealth of bands with my students, colleagues, and other movement professionals and clinicians. Since this time I have taught workshops and classes nationally and internationally with bands and helped my clients find new pathways of connection to their bodies and movement regardless of injury or pain. 


This new online Physiyoga Band Training is the foundation that will help you understand WHY resistance bands are such a powerful and potent tool and how to make changes immediately, not only in your own body but in the people you work with.


This work is deep and potent. It asks patience, inquiry, and slowing down enough to savor and embody the experience. It will nurture your body and brain and bring insight, creativity, and healing to how you move and how you practice.


Training Info


  • 5 chapters

  • 22 exercises

  • 3 flow classes

  • 4 hours of video content plus an additional 1-2hrs of PDF Bonus content + quizzes and reflections to test your knowledge

This training will help you:

  • Use resistance bands to facilitate changes in your brain and body

  • Embody movement in new and enlightening ways

  • Harness stability with mobility 

  • Alleviate aches and pains 

  • Improve hypermobility 

  • Understand the science behind what makes bands such powerful and effective tools for changing the way you feel & move

  • Learn skills and gather tools to help you teach, cue, and sequence with bands that will help you make changes in how your students move and feel

  • Problem solve common issues that arise during yoga asana and improve mechanics and efficiency of yoga asana

  • Feel less restricted in twisting and backbending movements and postures

  • Create a niche for yourself as a teacher by bringing this to your community and clients

CHAPTER 1: Welcome & Logistics

  • Videos about how to use your bands, etc.


CHAPTER 2: Neuroplasticity

  • Learn the science of neuroplasticity and how to use resistance bands to facilitate changes in your brain and body

  • Learn about proprioception, the homunculus, smudging

  • Learn how to use bands to make changes in your body and brain


CHAPTER 3: Joint Centralization & Activation

  • Learn how to improve joint positioning for joint longevity

  • Learn how to center the shoulder and hip joints and activate 360 muscle support around the joints

  • Learn how to use bands to control range of motion and facilitate engagement of the stabilizing muscles


CHAPTER 4: Tensegrity

  • Learn about the concept of tensegrity

  • Learn about the spine, its curves, and function

  • Learn how to distribute load efficiently throughout the body and spine

  • Learn how to access and create length with tension and segmental motion using bands

  • Learn how to backbend with less compression and discomfort

  • Learn how to twist with less restriction


CHAPTER 5: Integration & Flow

  • Learn tips on how to integrate bands into your teaching and work

  • Move seamlessly and smartly through 3 different flow classes that put all the learning pieces from the previous chapters together, bridging the science with creative sequencing

  • Test your knowledge with a quiz!

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