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To host me for a workshop, banded flow masterclasses, yoga & mobility masterclasses, upcoming trainings & more:

Resistance Band & Yoga Workshops

These workshops work well individually, in pairs, or all together over a long event weekend/as part of a training. Suitable for students and teachers.

The Banded Basics

Resistance Band & Yoga Workshop

Run time: 2.5hr

Learn the basics of controlled mobility. How to control your end range, create stability in a variety of common yoga poses and movements and develop tension within your body using your own deep stability system.

There will be isolated core work, exploration and execution of “basic” yoga postures that are practiced in almost every vinyasa or hatha style yoga class (ex. tadasana, down dog, plank, warrior poses), and emphasis on stacking the body/bones for optimal function and efficiency in movement and breathing all using bands!

Using resistance bands as props for our poses, we will shed awareness and light to the areas in which we are underworking, or even disconnected to, using the reference point of the bands for our own tensegrity.

Controlling our range of motion so that we are stable AND mobile is a hallmark of tensegrity. Using resistance bands as tactile feedback and resistance to radiate and press out against teaches us HOW to harness tensegrity.


Raveling & Unraveling Your Hips and Twists

Resistance Band & Yoga Workshop

Run time: 2.5hr

Many of us have or may have experienced low back, sacral, or hip joint pain during the course of our lives or during and with our movement practices. In the yoga practice, with all of the forward bending, lunging, twisting and "hip opening," the chance of something running awry with how we are practicing and causing pain in these areas is quite common.

This workshop will help you understand how to find your neutral pelvis & thigh bones centered within the hip sockets and how to strengthen the areas around the hip joint to create more stability with mobility, all using resistance bands. Once we find neutral, we can use it as a home base to explore and move in and out of, creating greater strength and mobility is various range of motions and positions with more clarity and connection.


We will dive into the ways in which we can twist, either allowing the pelvis to twist, or keeping the hips “square” in twisting exercises and yoga postures, and the benefits of both. Using the bands, we will access our super-important hip joint rotator cuff, core twisting muscles, and powerful glutes. These concepts allow optimal stability and control through the vast ranges of motion that can occur within the hip and pelvis.

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Tension For Extension Ecstasy

Resistance Band & Yoga Workshop

Run time: 2.5hr

Do you have discomfort in your lower back and sacrum when you backbend? Do you have a "stiff upper back" that isn't allowing for a broad and lifted chest in cobra? Or on the flip side, do you struggle with understanding the cue “draw your front ribs in”?


Come discover and dive deeper into the power of your CLA: central longitudinal axis, your core canister and how to use tensegrity to create more space in between your upper body (rib area) and lower body (pelvic bowl) and support in the surrounding muscles for more easeful & spacious spinal extension.


Using resistance bands, this workshop highlights how to strengthen the glutes, hamstrings, quads and posterior shoulder while learning how to create mobility within the bones of your spine and stability within your trunk and hips for more efficient backEXTENDING.


Tensegrity in Flight

Resistance Band & Yoga Workshop

Run time: 2.5hr

This workshop is all about building strength, stability, and support in the shoulder girdle using resistance bands to prep for the heavier load bearing demands that arm balances and inversions ask of the body.


The workshop will culminate in an exploration of several inversions and arm balances with some supported and accessible variations that highlight lightness, movement efficiency and ease.


We will dive deep into the mechanics of the shoulders and upper body. We will mobilize and strengthen the shoulder girdle, harness a supple and strong core, move around our central longitudinal axis, neutralize and balance our hips and shoulders, create length and spinal space, and explore it all from a different perspective!



A functional foot workshop.

Suitable for students and teachers.


Functional Foot Workshop

Run time: 2 - 2.5hr

A functional foot workshop to connect you from the ground up!


In this functional foot workshop, we will discuss the vital importance of foot and ankle health, optimal foot mechanics and the concept of tensegrity. We will review foot and ankle anatomy and kinesiology and dip our toes into exploring foot and ankle proprioception, muscular balance, joint positions, and kinetic chain influences AKA how your foot relates to everything above it through hands on learning.


Do you have or have you ever had foot pain or problems? We will explore ways to restore foot and ankle stability, mobility, and access vital functional carry over of those into yoga asana and day-to-day life.


The concepts of the foot tripod, stacking, the listening foot and the windlass mechanism will be taught as assessment tools and restoration techniques. We will then use balls, blocks, therabands, blankets and more to train foot strength and stability with mobility.


Get ready to bring awareness to where there is a lack of mobility or stability and where there is compensation/underworking/overworking and how to bring balance back for better foot hip and spine health. Takeaway daily exercises.

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Your Core & Pelvic Floor

A workshop all about the core and pelvic floor.

Suitable for students and teachers.

Your Core &
Pelvic Floor

Core and Pelvic Floor Workshop

Run time: 2.5hr

Have you heard about the pelvic floor? Does it feel mystical or mysterious to you?

Are you seeking a stronger, more connected core?


Your core is so much more than your 6 pack muscles and your pelvic floor is so much more than performing kegels! Your core is your breath; the interaction between, and movement of, your respiratory and pelvic diaphragms. Your core is how all your abdominal muscles work together with the deep stabilizing muscles of the spine and hips to support your body as you move. AND SO MUCH MORE!


If you would like to demystify the core & pelvic floor, or deepen your understanding of the core and pelvic floor, or if you have hip/pelvic/knee/back pain, or experience occasional gut issues, or if you have a core and pelvic floor (everyone!!)… this workshop is for you!

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