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A practice series designed to intelligently increase strength, stability, and mobility with Giulia Pline

This 6 part series is all about intelligently and mindfully building and maintaining strength and stability combined with mobility throughout your entire body. Each class focuses on a different body part, from the rotator cuff of the shoulders to the hamstrings, hips, knees, feet, ankles, core, and more.

These classes are designed to help you create greater support, efficiency, and resiliency throughout your body, harnessing strength and connection to your body and mind on and off the mat.

Practice these classes in any order in conjunction with or as a supplement to your current yoga practice or movement routine to mitigate injury and support all of YOU for life and movement longevity!

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Shoulder Rotator Cuff Delight

(approx 30min)


This practice focuses on strengthening the shoulder rotator cuff. The rotator cuff is a group of muscles that are key for the stability and health of the shoulder joint throughout life & during yoga or other movement practice. Get ready to work smart & get a good burn!

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Hammie Helper

(approx 28min)


Yoga involves a lot of forward bending and stretching of the hamstrings. Hamstrings are big controllers of the pelvis and need equal parts of strength with mobility to support the legs and hips and mitigate injury. This class will help you build strength and control in your hamstrings and is great for injury prehab or rehab!

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Hip Flexors & Glutes Galore

(approx 29min)


Strong hips require strong & mobile hip muscles. This practice focuses on strengthening the hip flexors and glutes using resistance bands. Filled with great conditioning goodies, this practice is designed to give you some movement tools to keep your hips happy and healthy long term.

Screenshot 2023-07-29 at 10.51.42 AM.png

Core Connection

(approx 30min)


Your core is so much more than the “6 pack” muscles. Get ready to breathe into your rib cage, harness the power of the deep core stabilizing muscles and move with control from your center outward.

Screenshot 2023-07-29 at 10.55.05 AM.png

Strong and Stable Feet & Ankles

(approx 32min)


Our feet and ankles work hard each day to take us through life and our yoga practice. Give them some love and attention with this practice that incorporates mobility, stability, and strength drills to leave your feet & ankles feeling good. 

Screenshot 2023-07-29 at 10.57.13 AM.png

Lower Body Conditioning & Strength

(approx 30min)


This class is filled with conditioning and strengthening moves for your lower body. Gently elevate your heart rate and strengthen your hips, knees, and ankles to support your daily life and activities like walking, taking the stairs, practicing yoga, swimming, running, cycling… whatever you like to do!

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