UPSTATE, NY: Threes Physiyoga Method™ Resistance Band Workshop

Tension for Extension Ecstasy

Where: Lotus Yoga Loft

When: Saturday May 2nd, 1pm-3:30pm

Tension for Extension Ecstasy:

Do you have pain in your lower back and sacrum when you backbend? Do you have a stiff upper back that just won’t allow for a wide “open” chest in cobra? Or on the flip side, do you suffer from not understanding how to “draw your front ribs in”? Come discover and dive deeper into the power of your CLA: central longitudinal axis, your core canister, and how to use tensegrity to create more space in between your upper body (rib area) and lower body (pelvic bowl) for more easeful & spacious backbending. Learn how to use the space to create more mobility within the bones of your spine, and stability within your trunk and hips for safer, more efficient backbending.

*This workshop is open to all levels and is a fun and innovative way to explore movement and yoga + to learn how to use your body differently, IMMEDIATELY.

**All props and bands will be provided on site.

MONTREAL, QC: Guest Teaching

Le studio de yoga Wanderlust, Montreal

Where: Le Studio de yoga Wanderlust

When: May 23rd & 24th

Le studio de yoga Wanderlust
Mile End address:

7 Laurier Avenue Est. Montréal, QC H2T 1E4 


Griffintown address:

390 Rue Guy Montréal, QC H3J 1S6 



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