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Friday, June 7th @ 1:30pm ET


75min class with a 15min Q&A

*Replay available for 4 days for those unable to join live* 


Resistance bands are powerful, portable, and scalable tools that can be used anywhere to help you feel and connect to movement more clearly.

Using resistance bands helps our ability to sense joint position and motion and respond & adjust to stresses placed on the body by posture and movement. This means we can use bands to wake up hard to feel areas by creating new pathways between the brain and body (neuroplasticity). This happens through pushing, pulling, lifting, or breathing against the bands as you move, creating a  different set of sensations that calls attention into the body. 


Did you know we have a map of our body in our brain that is represented by a tiny figure called the homunculus?


The homunculus shows how certain areas of the body have a higher representation in the brain than others, like the hands, tongue, and feet compared to the rib cage, spine, and pelvis.

The good news is that
using resistance bands, we can create a better environment to better perceive our individual body parts and how they move and feel and how they integrate with each other and our body as a whole. 

Join me through the Threes Physiyoga Method online platform for this special masterclass where the goal is to experience for yourself how the bands influence sensory ability in breath and movement. Take this class and imagine how working with resistance bands could help your clients or students connect to better with their own bodies and breath.


  • WHY bands are such a versatile and effective tool 

  • LEARN why some areas of the body are easier or harder to feel and connect to

  • USE the bands to light up “blind spots” or hard to feel areas

  • Utilize spinal length, spacious breath, and intentional alignment to bring freedom in twisting, backbends, and posture

Whether it’s your own yoga practice that’s gotten stale and boring, or your students that seem uninspired or unmotivated, the bands help engage the mind through different sensations in the body, which helps to create new patterns, balance effort through the body, utilize stability with mobility, and more! 

All you need is 1 5-6ft long resistance band of a light to medium resistance, 2 blocks, and a blanket. If you need to get a band, I recommend something like this band set off Amazon which gives you resistance options.

Login instructions will be provided upon registration and a replay recording will be available for those unable to join us live.

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