Banded Flow:

Core Coordination Exploration

with Giulia Pline


hosted by the Portland Yoga Project

Join Giulia Pline for a special virtual Banded Flow class focusing on core integration and coordination, contralateral patterns and connecting to fluidity and breath from your center outwards, all using and moving with resistance bands.

Date: JANUARY 31st

Time: 1pm - 2:45pm

Where: ONLINE!

Cost: $40

*Price includes a band bundle + shipping.

Banded Flow is a special class that combines yoga and strength & mobility exercises with resistance bands. There are so many fantastic reasons why you should consider adding resistance bands to your movement practice, including but not limited to: improving strength, rehabbing & prehabbing injury and pain, increasing proprioception aka awareness of where you are in space, sparking new inspiration, insight and creativity to your yoga and movement practice and/or teaching and helping you build new movement skills to develop a deeper connection to your body and mind.


**Price of class includes band bundle and shipping:

2 long red resistance bands, 1 yellow looped band and 1 looped green band.

**Registration closes 1/17. If you are local to Portland, ME and miss the registration deadline and can pick up the bundle yourself, please email info@theportlandyogaproject.com to sign up and arrange pick up.

On 1/17 you will receive an email to set up shipping of your band bundle (if applicable).

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