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I am so delighted to team up with George MacPherson, an incredible sound meditation practitioner and guide to offer a special sound and movement experience.

This two hour movement and sound journey will lead you on an exploration of connection to the inner rhythm and flow of your body and breath, while carefully directing your awareness deeper toward the present moment; shifting beyond the monkey mind, creating space, expansiveness and softly cultivating new, neural connections as we listen deeply. We will use breathwork and multidisciplinary styles of movement from tapping, to rolling, yoga, mobility techniques, and mindfulness practices lovingly enhanced with the rich sound of various overtone emitting instruments, to travel deep into the many layers of our being and fine tune our spirits.

Summer Mentorship
with Giulia Pline & Kevin Bigger at Kula Yoga Project
​June-August 2023


There is a sticky spot between finishing a training (or multiple trainings!) and actually jumping into teaching.  So much information to process. So many questions left unanswered. So many insecurities left to hash out. So hard to become a teacher without community support! Graduates of our foundational and advanced training programs have long asked for a mentorship program with a Kula twist... so here we go!

Our goal with this program is to help students integrate the principles of Kula sequencing, while finding their authentic voice as a teacher. Subjects covered will include alignment, sequencing methodology, pranayama, vocal habits, the business of teaching yoga, hands on assists and more.


You will assist 4 Kula classes in either SoHo or Williamsburg, and in the last week of the program you will receive an hour long 1-on-1 session with the mentor of your choice. 

Expect to improve your teaching skills, fill your cup with inspiration and practice, and find your authentic voice as a teacher... Kula style.

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