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JUNE 21st-26th, 2020


It’s summer camp for adults!

At Kula our practice is a vigorous, highly creative vinyasa form that seamlessly blends attention to alignment with the steady metronome of the breath. The result: an intelligent, ecstatic moving meditation. Although much of our attention is admittedly focused on asana and body mechanics, we are old school enough to know that the body is merely the instrument and the tool we use in order to explore yoga’s more esoteric teachings (where the real nectar is at!).


A week away at Camp Kula gifts you the luxury of time: enough for a daily Kula Flow class (or two!) AND an eclectic mix of yogic studies. In our free time we will feast at the famous Kripalu dining hall, hike along wooded Massachusetts trails, and take long soaks in the hot tub or hold court in the sauna.


Expect to laugh, expect to learn. We love bringing this intensive to Kripalu to help dedicated practitioners and teachers go deep, on both a physical AND a metaphysical level. After Camp Kula you will return home with body, mind, and soul soaring.


*This workshop is open to students who have been practicing regularly for at least 2 years and teachers of all forms of yoga.


Nikki Vilella is codirector of Kula Yoga in New York City and co-owner of Kula Williamsburg and Kula Soho. She is at the helm of Kula’s 200-hour teacher training program, coleads Kula’s 75-hour advanced teacher training, and guest teaches at other programs throughout the country. Her teaching is marked by her passion for sequencing, rhythm, and hands-on adjustments. She strives to include the perfect alchemy of precise physical instruction, intelligence, intention, and space into her Kula Flow classes.


Giulia Pline, E-RYT 200, is a former dancer turned yoga practitioner and teacher. After injuries incurred from years as a professional dancer, Giulia turned to yoga and studies in anatomy and physiology for healing. She is now a Kula Yoga teacher, a Threes Physiyoga Method teacher (a modality that merges physical therapy with yoga), and an FRC Mobility Specialist. Giulia’s love of movement—and discovering new ways to move the body—creates space for growth and is the hallmark of her teaching.


Lindsay Ashmun is a former dancer turned yoga and Pilates teacher. She trains practitioners at her studios in New York City and Los Angeles, as well as facilitating classes, workshops, and retreats worldwide. She is the creator of GROUNDCONTROL™, a breath-based method focused on building deep core strength, movement education, breathing mechanics, awareness, and nervous system regulation.

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