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Don't wait for the perfect time to start now (it doesn't exist)

It's Christmas Eve and I am in the majestic Adirondack Mountains of New York State. Every time I come here I am amazed and awed by the wilderness that exists here. These mountains hold such rich history, and have become one of my (and my partner Ariel's) favorite sources of escape and refuge from the chaotic pace of NY city life.

Early this morning it was misty, and the clouds rolled in over the tree line like waves on the shoreline. An eerie stillness settled over the landscape outside our Airbnb window. I felt myself sink further and further into the couch with every sip of my coffee, settling into the idea that today would not be a hiking. This past week a heavy rainfall eliminated much of the snow here and the lower elevations are mostly bare and wet while the higher elevations are filled with ice. These conditions are quite similar to spring hiking (but it's December), and did not do any favors for my couch-bound mood.

As I wrestled back and forth with the desire to enjoy this nature time outdoors and the desire to rest and be comfortable, I found myself ruminating, "if it was sunny and there was snow I would go."

The real truth here is that waiting for the perfect time to do something only saps you of living this moment as it is.

The perfect time, the perfect moment, the perfect scenario doesn't exist!

I pushed myself up, layered up, packed my hiking bag and headed out the door. When I got to the trail I was alone and had the entire hike to myself. I got a little damp, there was a little ice, there was a little mud, but with every inhale of the fresh mountain air, my spirits lifted.

I climbed and climbed until I reached the summit. The clouds cloaked the range of mountains in the distance and layered sections of the pine trees around me. Fairytale-like.

Even though the conditions were not "ideal," the nature around me was spectacular. I was so much more content getting out to hike than I would have been if I stayed home in my comfort zone.

Life is like that... we become creatures of habit, more accustomed to convenience as time rolls on, and we tend to seek out spaces of comfort over discomfort, (and in my case today, days when the sun is shining and the birds are chirping rather than days when it is cloudy and drizzly out). If we never move outside of convenience and comfort, we never get to experience the magic that exists on the other side of holding back.

The perfect time to do something is when things are not perfect! For you that might be getting out to the gym, seeing a friend, visiting family, going for a walk or hike, trying something new outside your comfort zone... the list goes on!

So take a deep breath and dive in. Your life is calling.

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