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Glutes & Hips Feeling Tight?

Do you always feel like you need to stretch your glutes and hips but never really get relief from the "tight" feelings? It might be time to reconsider your "stretch"!

Glutes, like any other muscle in the body need to be able to lengthen before they contract AKA load eccentrically.

Without the eccentric lengthening of the muscle, we miss out on the full range of motion and ability for the muscle to generate power in the opposite direction, meaning its ability to shorten and contract (load concentrically).

Glutes extend the hip, abduct the hip and externally rotate the hip when they contract concentrically.

In order to lengthen the glute, we have to do the opposite: flex the hip, adduct the hip, internally rotate the hip.

How can we do this?


The Hip Shift helps us take the glute through a full range of motion from a beautiful eccentric lengthening contraction by flexing, adducting and internally rotating the hip, to a fully shortened position by beginning to extend, abduct and externally rotate the hip.

Give the Hip Shift a shot and see it if doesn't improve how your glutes and hips feel!

Check out the Instagram REEL version of the Hip Shift

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