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Help for Forward Head Posture

Forward head posture is such a hot topic these days with all the staring forward and down at screens (computers, phones and the like) that has become a part of our daily life, work, and existence. As a result, the muscles at the front of the neck start to work extra hard to hold our head back and can get very tense. Some of these muscles are also our accessory muscles for breathing and can start to take over when we feel stressed or under pressure.

If you are having neck and shoulder pain, or feel like you can't take a deep breath, try this quick release for the front of your neck and see how it changes how you feel!

I love to thread this stretch in between bouts of computer work or after spending a long time staring down at my phone...

Scalene & Platysma Release

  • Place your left hand under the right clavicle

  • Relax your right arm completely

  • Push in with your hand and pull down

  • Now tilt the head up and rotate it away from your hand

  • Breathe into your hand and upper right side of neck and chest

  • As you exhale, gentle tilt and rotate your head a bit further away from the push/pull of your hand

  • Play with opening and closing the jaw and sticking the bottom jaw out

  • Repeat on the other side!

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